SHIVA DAS, my spiritual quest found its path in the practice of bhakti yoga with some Buddhist meditation techniques mixed in for good measure. At 28, I discovered that astrology helped to explain things I was leaning on my spiritual quest and for the next 40 it has been my passion. In 2014, Divine Love Astrology was published, a treatise on spiritual astrology. For the past nine years I have had the good fortune to provide astrology readings and music for the nightly satsangs at Yandara Yoga Institute in southern Baja, Mexico.
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Astrology for Beginners

Astrology is an intuitive language, born of intuition. It is not a language of alphabets and words but of symbols and diagrams. It is a way the ancient people who discovered astrology conveyed the way they perceived life. Learning the language reconnects us with our intuition!

Astrology can enable us to reconnect with nature and to re-learn how to interpret our feelings, which are meant to be our inner guides.

Sound Healing & Meditation

A Sound Bath is a dreamy experience where tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, chimes, shakers, and other instruments are played intuitively. A Sound Bath promotes deep relaxation and peace. It brings a contemplative inner awareness of the now and helps to open the body’s energetic system. Enjoy and learn to create a transformative Sound Bath experience.

Sound Bath Journeys take you into a world of sound magic and transformational healing. The meditation brings you into your loving kindness and compassion.

Teamteach: Mercy Ananda & Shiva Das


Let’s sing, dance and celebrate together! Community feeling at its best! Let’s get prana high!




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