JAN JIRAK graduated from the Academy of Modern Circus in Copenhagen specialized in Hand Balancing & Balance Trapeze. His professional career led him from studies of hand balancing and acrobatics in Denmark, Ukraine, France, Germany from different teachers having different approaches. 

Later on he wanted to complete his practical understanding with theoretical knowledge and so he started to study external and internal chinese Qi Gong, Northern Chinese Gong Fu called Tong Bei inspired by the movements of White Gibbon and by now, he studies at Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute in Prague. 

Jan’s life long interest and inspiration comes from the comaprison of the eastern/oriental perspectives upon movement + life style and contemporary researches in physiology. He would consider himself as a practitioner, who studies science of movement to train smarter and more efficient.

Jan Jirak is founder of #PragueHandstand school of hand balancing and movement and co founder of Feel the Universe Circus Company. He teaches subject called „Movement Laboratory” at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague on Physical Theater Department.

His motto:

„The boy on the shoulders of his father can see further.” Joe Zawinul about Miles Davis

IG: @janjirak

Qi Gong & Mobility

Qi Gong & Mobility + core principles presentation: Qi Gong is a chinese art of well being and life efficiency. Despite the great distortion of facts and many myths surrounding Qi Gong herritage, there are still resources of knowledge describing its fundamental principles.

This is an introduction to the most important pillars of Wai Dan Qi Gong (The External Qi Gong).

Qi Gong & Strength

Qi Gong & Strength – aerobic fitness and gong fu: Gong Fu, known in western society as Kung Fu, translated as the craftsmanship (Wu Shu = martial/combat art), doesn’t have to be only a martial art style. In this case, we are talking about the Movement Gong Fu.

Jan Jirak went through various kinds of fitness, chinese/western martial art and acrobatic training and this workshop will be a fusion of those styles benefiting the overal strength, mobility and aerobic fitness.

Human Structure Nuancies in Practice

The movement (external/internal arts) training requires practice. Only by practice we can understand and feel the very intelligent concepts described by western/oriental teachings. But besides that there is the nuancies in anatomy and kinesilogy, whose mental understanding can prevent us from walking towards the dead end in the application, training.

This seminar is focused on practical anatomical nuancies in hand balanicng, flexibility and strength training.




Carola Notzon & Susann Kind