DYLAN WERNER is an international yoga teacher from Southern California. He pioneers a unique style of vinyasa yoga centered on myofascial meridian sequencing and emphasizes the exploration of a physical journey to deepen the inner energetic connection. His extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology and deep understanding of eastern philosophy lends a unique perspective to his teaching methodologies. Although his practice appears very advanced, his workshops aim at breaking down the fundamental concepts, creating an accessible approach to complicated movements and ideas. Dylan has been teaching since 2011 and has taught in over 60 countries and more than 400 workshops or events. He is passionate about spreading his love for yoga and helping others in their journey by sharing his own.
IG: @dylanwerneryoga

Myofascial Integrated Stretching

This workshop introduces the principles and practice of Myofascial Integrated Stretching, a holistic approach to safely and effectively increase flexibility, promote relaxation, and deepen self-connection.

We begin with a short lecture on:

  • Physiology of Flexibility
  • Myofascial Meridians (tension lines of muscles and fascia) 
  • Properties of Fascia (primarily plasticity and viscoelasticity)
  • Monoarticular and Polyarticular stretches
  • Principal of Myofascial Integrated Stretching
  • How to apply these principles to teaching and practice.

The lecture is followed by a warm-up and Myofascial Integrated Stretching practice.

All Levels! (Wear comfortable clothes, no props needed)

Rainbow Unicorn Magical Mermaid Ecstatic Dream Ride

Embark on a mystical adventure of creative expression and artistic movement guided by deep thumping beats as we immerse in the luminescence of our radiant hearts!

All Levels! (Wear your most fun, bright yoga clothing)

Backbends and Tic-Tocs

Backbends, Sissy-squat dropbacks, and tic-tocs make up this fun and playful workshop. But don’t let the progressive nature of these moves scare you. We spend lots of time working through different progressions and more accessible methods to get ticking and tocking in no time!


The Flowing Winds

Dive deep into a prana lead meditative movement. Through the power of mudras, breath, and movement, we will explore the innate connections between self and source, balancing the five prana vayus and the relationships they represent.

This class begins with a short lecture on the five prana vayus and their related mudras, followed by a meditative mudra flow that melts into a breath-guided moving meditation.

All Levels!




Carola Notzon & Susann Kind